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Razavi Comprehensive Museum

Razavi Comprehensive Museum

The Concept of this Museum had been Designed in Sep. 2018. We Developed this Concept for a limited design competition. The team tried to achieve to an opportunity for introduce some part of cultural and historical treasures beside the religious customs at the same time.
We tried to create a perfect adaptability between the architectural elements and their substructure and make an attractive confliction in the structure that represent the values inside and outside the construction.The main idea behind the design was the central core. By creating this core, the rest of the spaces rotated around it’s axis.

Design Team :

Milad Shirkavand / Ahmad Ekhlasi / Mehdi Mofidi / Mohamad Kalhori / Safa Mashayekhi / Mohamad Ali Sedighi / Saba Rasoulzadeh / Ghazal Tahmasebi