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Mizan School

Mizan elementary school is an educational complexes with modern and dynamic approach that’s began it’s activity some years ago in Tehran city.

Because of the special & different method of teaching in this school a decision had been made to construct a new building to improve and expand the fields of activity in the school. Also, due to the school approach in education, flexible architecture Design in our works has attracted attention.

This school is based on eleven floors. which includes different types of classrooms , laboratories , amphitheater and cultural zone , gym and entertainment area , roof garden and administrative parts .

Dynamic, dynamic and flexible architecture is the main design theme in this project, which is why the office and office space of this complex is more important due to their special design. It was important for us to pay attention to the colors and their impact on children’s spirits and the use of child scales in furniture design.

Architect :

Milad Shirkavand