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Ladan Residence

Ladan Residence

Ladan residential complex located in Velenjak Blv. of Tehran had been designed and renovated with the approach of creating a place for family tranquility .

The building consists of two separate residential units, a parking floor and an office unit on the Base floor.

Paying attention to using the optimized natural light and Visibility to the landscape was so important In the design of this complex and that is why the designer tried to Use the factors such as using roof lighting in the units.

In details designing ,we had tended to derive the benefits of local materials and due to that a modern and noble form had been appeared by updating the layout of bricks pattern as the main material of the facade of building.

At the end, the purity of the produced spaces was the result of considering the architectural details and we are witness of extroversion and Internal introversion at the same time in all of the project’s elevations.

Architect :

Milad Shirkavand